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We have both group and individual solutions that ensure the independent agent can continue to educate and serve a post "Obamacare" America with solutions that are more valuable and relevant than ever before.

Supporting the Independent Health and Life Agent for well over a decade we understand that the ability to successfully write ACA business means so much more that just software for the agent. For years we had seen different software platforms become available to "sell insurance" and never once was it more successful than a licensed independent health insurance agent.

Our own experience in the field, serving individuals has also allowed us to understand the reason why software was never the only answer. Most independent insurance agents have been in agreement now for years –  the American people need to be educated before making a health insurance decision. 21st century America needs to understand how individual health insurance works, and how each benefit is vital in both the cost of the insurance premium and the overall cost of use.

Since 2001 MESSER Financial Group has continued to add, innovate, and create solutions for the independent insurance agent.  We knew the ACA was going to be no different which is why we are offering the industry's most cutting edge enrollment software solution to our agents.  This software enables our agents to educate their clients on the best health insurance solution available to them, while streamlining the actual enrollment experience for the agent.

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