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Carrier Incentives

MESSER Incentive Trips

MESSER wants you to enjoy the fruits of your hard work with our Incentive Trips. Any Carrier, Any Application, Any Face Amount will count towards our agent incentive trips.*

As a MESSER agent, not only do you qualify for our Any, Any, Any Incentive Trips, you also qualify for any of our Carrier's Incentive Trips as well. It's sort of like double dipping. Below are many of the trips you can earn with our Carriers. Please click on the Carrier link for more details.

Carriers Requirements Destination Trip Date
Aetna - Provided by Careington Click here Ireland June 14th-18th, 2022

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Spring 2021


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Summer 2021

Columbian Life Click Here California Spring 2021
Mutual of Omaha Click Here Maui, Hawaii Spring 2021
National Guardian Life Click Here Costa Rica March 5th-10th, 2022
United Home Life Click Here Saint-Martin Spring 2021

* See qualifications page for more details