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Foresters Final Expense

Life insurance is not a “one-size-fits-all” proposition. At Foresters Financial™, they have a range of products to meet your clients' needs. They can review your personal situation and make appropriate recommendations. And as your clients' lives change, Foresters will be there to re-evaluate their needs and suggest new products or changes to existing products.



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Note: This carrier is a Just In Time carrier. You must submit business for your contract to be finalized. You must have your writing number to be fully appointed with final expense.


Direct HO Access  Annualization  Downline Recruitment Allowed
  Requires E&O  Appointment Fees  Requires AML

How To Guide


Click here to log into the Foresters agent portal.

Once contracted, your initial username and password will both be your writing number.


To find supplies for Foresters final expense, please log into your agent portal and go to Forms & Brochures.


To access Foresters Illustration software, please log into your agent portal and go to Toolbox > Go to Illustration Software.

 New Business  

Please send your first application with Foresters life insurance to MESSER by either:

  1. Faxing your application to 800-968-9814
  2. Emailing it to [email protected]
  3. Or, if the application includes a modal premium, overnight the application to the following address:

    ATTN: New Business
    MESSER Financial Group
    1216 Mann Dr Suites 100-200
    Matthews, NC 28105

New Business for Foresters final expense can be submitted three ways.

  1. By logging into the agent portal and clicking on E-App on the right-hand side.
  2. By using the fax alternative SecureDocs. You can access SecureDocs by logging into your agent portal and going to Toolbox > SecureDocs.
    If you must use fax please send applications to to 1-877-329-4631.
  3. By mailing in the application with a paper check to:
    The Independent Order of Foresters
    P.O. Box 179
    Buffalo, NY 14201-0179


Underwriting for Foresters life can be found by logging into your agent portal and clicking on the product needed on the righthand menu.


You can access forms for Foresters through the iGo Forms Engine on the MESSER website by clicking here.


Click here to access MESSER's free Senior Products Quote Tool.



Commissions for Foresters Life are paid by the carrier.



Visit MESSER's Carrier Incentive Page to view all carriers offering an incentive trip.

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 Request Help  

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