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Carrier Updates

*** Important Notice For All WellCare Producers***  WellCare would like to inform all of its producers that some applications submitted may have been sent to an incorrect fax number and/or mailing address and were not received by WellCare. If an application has been sent to an incorrect 

destination, please utilize the information below and re-send as soon as possible.

Fax Line: 
• Coordinated Care Plans (CCP): 1-866-473-9124 
• Prescription Drug Plans (PDP): 1-866-388-1521

Mailing Address: 
• Coordinated Care Plans (CCP): P.O. Box 31392, Tampa FL 33631-3392 
• Prescription Drug Plans (PDP): PO Box 31411, Tampa FL 33631-3411 

Note: the above information can also be found on the page of the Important Numbers page of the WellCare website.

Applications can take up to 5 business days from submission to begin processing. Please allow time for receipt, and DO NOT re-submit applications during this period. For questions related to specific applications, please contact the Agent Hotline/Customer Service team who assist with questions related to application inquiries. Please have the following information ready when calling: 
• Application date 
• Submission method 
• Fax confirmation receipt (yes/no) 
• Application fax/address used

If you have questions please contact our Producer Support Team at 866-568-9649 x813 or [email protected]