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Carrier Updates

Humana's April Advanced Product Training session has been scheduled for Monday, April 23rd.  These sessions have been well attended and the agents who attend,  give glowing reivews on the information that is shared during this time. Make plans to attend!

Humana is currently offering Advanced Product Training opportunities in their Columbia office each month.  These training opportunities allow newly certified agents the opportunity to walk through Humana’s MA and PDP plans to learn the key selling points you need to know in order to properly position Humana products to help your clients.

Humana also welcomes agents who have been certified longer but would like a refresher on their products.

The training classes last 2.5 hours with lunch provided.  The agenda includes:

  • Review of Vantage (Humana’s online agent portal)
  • Review of the Marketing Resource Center
  • Walk through of Humana’s Key plans in their most valuable markets
  • Question and Answer time with Sales Manager and Director

The next class is being offered on April 23rd in Humana's Columbia office.  If you have recently certified (within the past 6 months) or if you would like a refresher on these topics, please use the following link to register to attend this session.  Better understanding of the available plans equals more sales and better agent and member experiences.

Register For Advanced Product Training Monday, April 23rd