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Carrier Updates

Check out the latest enhancements from NatGen right here. The following new products and product changes are available for quoting for August 18, 2018, and later effective dates, unless otherwise noted.

Any-day effective dates now available for all products!  

You can now sell any-day effective dates on the TrioMED and NatGen Foundation Health products. They are no longer limited to the 1st or the 15th of the month. This allows for one effective date for multi-product sales – ensuring your customers get the coverage they need.

New Accident Fixed-Benefit (AFB) plan 
With rates starting around $26.00** for individual coverage, this new plan pays benefits for services and treatments due to covered accidents and:

  • Is guaranteed Issue
  • Provides primary and spouse coverage for applicants between the ages of 18 to 64
  • Is available in all states except CT, MD, MN, NY, VT or WA
  • Is sold on the association contract in FL, GA, ID, OH, MA, VA – LIFE Association A

With the introduction of the new AFB plan, National General is discontinuing sales of the current AFB (underwritten by TIC) in these states.

New Standalone Membership Association product
My LIFE Wellness for $19.50 per Month – includes discounts for dental, vision and hearing care, prescriptions, access to no-charge telemedicine services, lab services, preventive health screenings, and reimbursement for cell phone repairs and more. Offer your clients this option to help them save more on everyday expenses.

Available in all states except in UT, WA and VT

Time Insurance Company product update 
Beginning October 1, 2018, National General is simplifying the way they do business, even more! Their product portfolio will be streamlined, and all new business will fall under a single legal entity*. These changes will allow you to sell their complete portfolio of supplemental products under one appointment. And, your commission payments for all new business will also be streamlined, and National General's policy administration processes will be simplified, allowing them to provide a more seamless member experience.Their Plan Enhancer and Cancer and Heart/Stroke products have already been transitioned to the new underwriting company. Dental Indemnity and the Critical Illness product will be available on the National Health Insurance Company (NHIC) contract starting on September 15, 2018. Due to these changes, TIC supplemental plans will no longer be available in quoting for effective dates of October 1, 2018, and later.
If you’re not already appointed to sell NHIC products with National General, make sure to contact MESSER's Producer Support  today – so you can keep on selling.* Products sold in FL, CO, CT, and VT will still be underwritten by Integon National Insurance Company or Integon Indemnity Corporation.

** Sample premium rate is for Accident Fixed-Benefit coverage for an adult residing in Alabama