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Carrier Updates

The WellCare Agent Assisted Online Application portal has been updated and is scheduled to release Sunday, August 26th at 8AM EST.

To provide assistance with completing the new application, training module SM New Agent Assisted Enrollment Portal has been loaded into WellCare University (WCU). Please complete the steps below to access the training: 

        1. Login to WCU

        2. Search SM New Agent Assisted Enrollment Portal in the search bar on the top right corner of the homepage

        3. Once located, select request

        4. Access your active transcript where you can launch and complete the training. 

Although not mandatory, completing the training is highly recommended to best prepare you for 2019 Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).

Note: this release is for English only, Spanish and Mandarin will remain in the current format. Please be on the lookout for future communications regarding the release of Spanish and Mandarin.