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Carrier Updates

They're new, improved and available to order now. Humana has made improvements to their sales materials based on your feedback.

At Humana, your success is their success.

That’s why they arm you with robust tools, resources and support to help convert prospects into clients. All 2019 Sales Materials are available to order! Make sure you’ve completed your 2019 certification or recertification training. And don’t forget, marketing for AEP may not begin prior to October 1st.

New improvements have been made to the following:

  • Enrollment Book Improvements
    • Conveniently in an industry-standard size: 8" x 11"
    • Drug guide is now part of the bound book, for streamlined easy access
  • New Veteran Materials
    • Veteran-specific POP and educational brochures
    • Educational presentation
  • New DSNP Materials
    • DSNP and Value Plus Plan POP brochure options
    • DSNP-specific Enrollment Book and educational brochure options
      • Medicare Savings Program and Extra Help insert inside the book
  • New Digital Marketing Materials
    • Customize materials for up to three plan options, and deliver them to your prospects digitally via email
    • If clients enroll directly, you still get credit for the sale *
    • Search "Digital Marketing Materials" on MarketPoint University for required training

*Agents are required to give a fully compliant sales presentation on the plan the member enrolls in to get credit for the sale. Please note that a scope of appointment form is still required prior to the appointment.