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Carrier Updates

Gateway's 2019 sales kits are ready to order

To order:

  1. Log into the CRM
  2. Go to the middle menu when it says 'Marketing Materials'. Move the mouse over that title and wait for the drop down. When the drop down appears, 'Shopping Cart' is an option. Click on that once
  3. You will be routed to a new page
  4. Create a new customer account by clicking on 'Create an Account' in the middle of the page highlighted in RED
  5. Fill in your first and last name, your email address, create a password and confirm it
  6. There are two places to select 'Enrollment Kits'. Move your mouse over 'Enrollment Kits' and a drop down will appear
  7. Select 2019
  8. A new screen will appear with the enrollment kits by state. Make sure you pick the right state
  9. A new screen will appear. Select how many kits you would like, then push 'Add to Cart'
  10. A new screen will appear. Confirm the correct state and number of kits. If correct, click 'Go to Checkout'
  11. A new screen will appear. Fill out where you want the kits to be mailed and click 'Next'
  12. A new screen will appear. Check to make sure your mailing address, the state, and quantity are all correct
  13. If all is correct, click 'Place Order'
  14. Sit back and wait for your 2019 Gateway Health Plan kits to arrive!