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Carrier Updates

Aetna’s 2019 AEP MA/MAPD marketing materials are now LIVE on Medicare Marketing Studio. If you're 'ready to sell' for 2019, you can now begin previewing and ordering marketing materials for the 2019 AEP.

You can order marketing materials through Aetna's Medicare Marketing Studio (the Studio).

It's now even easier to use — when you log into the Studio, you'll see that they've updated the Studio's navigation to make it easier to browse and find CMS-approved marketing materials to fit your market.

Check out what's new for 2019 AEP — They've added new and redesigned marketing materials for 2019 with more dynamic messaging and stronger calls to action.

For 2019 you'll find:

  • Unbranded lead generation flyers and postcards
  • More photo options
  • More language choices
  • DSNP (in applicable markets)
  • Broker educational flyers

Even more materials coming soon — PLUS they're still adding materials for AEP. Aetna will be adding materials right up until October 1st. Be sure to check back for new content including additional materials, PDP and retention materials, and signs.

When will you get materials? All orders made prior to October 1st will be held until October 1st. On October 1st, all pre-ordered materials will be shipped or mailed. On this date you can also begin downloading materials free of charge.