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Carrier Updates

Coming soon: Streamlined application submission process!

 In an effort to align with market standards, the National General Accident & Health sales 'Application and Billing Authorization' signature will now be a part of the application process in Their quoting and sales tool, NatGen Coverage Builder.

With this change:

  • The 'Application and Billing Authorization' will now be completed in Coverage Builder in order to streamline the process
  • You will be able to track pending client signatures and submitted applications in Coverage Builder to help you manage your NatGen business

Beginning Oct. 2, 2018, applicants must provide their signature (e-signature) in order to complete the application process.

This means:

  • Applications will not be submitted for processing until the applicant's signature is received
  • No premium payments will be withdrawn from the applicant's account until the signature is received
  • Commissions will be processed when the application is complete, the signature is received and first months premium is paid.

If you're having trouble, check out this handy document or this video to help you navigate through the process with ease.