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Carrier Updates

Late last week, Medicare beneficiaries started to receive their 2019 CMS Medicare & You Handbook in the mail. Due to a delay beyond their control, Cigna-HealthSpring contract H4513 (used in their Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Texas markets) was not yet approved when the Medicare & You Handbook was finalized. As a result, CMS printed “At the time of printing, this plan is not allowed to accept new members” and provided the Cigna-HealthSpring customer service number if customers wish to call.

Contract H4513 has now been approved by CMS for 2019 – Cigna-HealthSpring is able to accept new members into contract H4513 for all markets.

There are no enrollment restrictions on contract H4513 or any of their active contracts with CMS.

Understandably, partners and customers are calling Cigna-HealthSpring to ask for clarification. Broker Sales Reps, HAAL and Customer Service are equipped to answer questions and confirm that they are accepting new members into all of their existing contracts. Cigna-HealthSpring is in discussion with CMS to explore the best way to correct the misinformation contained in the Handbook, so their partners and the communities they serve in those four states know they are open for business. If you have any questions, please contact your National or Local Broker Sales Representative.

Cigna-HealthSpring understands this may cause short term confusion.They are confident once AEP starts that the combination of their attractive benefit plans and their AEP marketing messaging will mitigate any lasting confusion and encourage customers to become new Cigna-HealthSpring customers for 2019.

Thank you for being Cigna-HealthSpring's valued partner. They look forward to a very strong AEP and 2019 year with you!