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Carrier Updates

Aetna has a tool to help make the AEP easier — list all your clients' prescriptions and make it easier to look for the right plan for them all in one place!

Click here to visit Aetna's Medicine Cabinet.

  1. This is the Medicine Cabinet. Add your drugs and change to correct dosages etc.
  2. Once finished click “MY DRUG LIST IS COMPLETE>”
  3. You are now at the Pharmacy page. Select the members (preferred has lower costs) pharmacy from the list
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click “CONTINUE>”
  5. You will then come to the summary page to confirm your selection. Click “CONTINUE>”
  6. Under the plan you’ve chosen click “VIEW PLAN DETAILS” under that plan on the left
  7. On the right side next to estimated drug costs click “DRUG COST BREAKDOWN”
  8. You will now see retail cost, before gap, during the gap, after the gap, Prior Authorization, Quantity Limits, and Step therapy.
  9. If you scroll down you can get an estimation of when someone might enter the gap if they bought the drugs in this exact order.

Unfortunately you cannot save the drug list but you can print it. You may want to change to landscape view first.