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Carrier Updates

We hope you’re feeling energized, and excited for this year’s AEP. To give you even more of a boost, Clover is offering the chance to earn a $100 Visa cash Card AND a $100 Administrative fee for helping complete their new Clover Care Survey!

Clover wants to get you off the starting line quickly this AEP! Announcing their new incentive campaign that runs the first two weeks of AEP. For every 4 approved Clover applications submitted by an agent from 10/15/18 to 10/31/18, Clover will provide you with a $100 Visa Cash Card to pay for gas expenses incurred. The card will be sent directly to you by late November!

There is no limit on the number of $100 Visa Cash Card rewards that you can receive during this time period. For example, an agent who submits 10 applications between 10/15/18 and 10/31/18 will receive two $100 cards (however, an agent who submits 3 applications during that time period will not receive any).

Additionally, don't forget about the Clover Care Survey! Clover will pay a $100 administrative fee to brokers who help Clover capture certain key data points about Medicare eligibles through the Clover Cares Survey! To view the process, how to submit the Clover Care form, and Requirements for eligibility. Click here!