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Carrier Updates

Envision is preparing a few days early to ensure you are ready to submit applications during the Annual Enrollment Period. Effective 10/12/18 all applications must be submitted online using the broker portal.

Steps you need to take now:

  1. Make sure you are registered on our broker portal. If you are not sure, click here to check that you can sign in, or register.
  2. Effective 10/12/18, do not enter any applications on the public website. This is only for enrollees.
  3. Effective 10/12/18, begin entering your beneficiary applications online using the broker portal:

If you are an active GA, SGA, NMO or FMO with Envision: Starting on 10/15/18 you can create your own log in to Envision's broker portal and add applications on behalf of agents that are in your downline. Register for the broker portal on 10/15/18 so you can assist your agents with application entry. (Note: you and/or your agent will need to have the paper applications and scope of appointment forms on file and prepared to produce those for audit purposes if necessary).