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Carrier Updates

The opportunity to sell DSNP is greater than you thought! Just look at these numbers!

Gateway Health DSNP Numbers Chart

This market is under-served and under-worked. A couple things you need to remember:

  1. The average a person remains on a DSNP is 4.6 years vs 4.8 years on an MAPD.
  2. Gateway Health pays LIFETIME RENEWALS!!
  3. Gateway Health pays HIGHEST ALLOWABLE COMMISSIONS set by CMS!

So what's the difference, to you, if you sell a DSNP vs. MAPD?? Let Gateway Health help a little:

  1. Less agents selling DSNP means less competition to capture this market. WIN!
  2. Lifetime Renewals.  WIN!
  3. Maximum allowable commission as allowed by CMS.  WIN!
  4. The backing of a company 100% laser focused on being the best DSNP ONLY COMPANY it can be, thus bringing you resources solely dedicated to this market.  WIN!
  5. Raise your hand if you want to change your health plan every month.  Gateway bets you didn't, so why would a person who qualifies for Dual status?  WIN!

So Gateway Health challenges each and everyone of you, to attack this market with the same drive and determination you have had to use to build your business.  Let them then help you and see how high you can soar above those who turn away from this market.