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Carrier Updates

This week Clover shared exciting news around their $100 Visa Gas Card Incentive, the Clover Care Survey, a preview of their AEP marketing materials and helpful tips to sell Clover this AEP!

Broker Portal
Clover wanted to send a reminder of how important the Broker Portal is for agents this AEP. Clover's Broker Portal is available to all agents who have completed their certification for 2018 or 2019. If this is your first time logging in, you will need to request access to complete the registration process. Once you are in the Clover Broker Portal, you will find marketing materials, helpful links and resources to ensure you can access everything you need this AEP in one central place. Additionally, on the home page of the Broker Portal, you will also find the below helpful resources links in addition to other marketing materials:

Enrollment Kits
Forms required by CMS in order for an application to be processed are the enrollments forms, which is 7 pages. Additionally, forms required by Clover for each application are Scope of Appointment and Statement of Understanding / Receipt. To access enrollment kits, you can:

  • Contacting your FMO or upline
  • Contact your local Clover Sales and Broker team
  • Order kits directly from the Broker Portal (note: agents are limited to 20 kits per order, so it is recommended you contact your upline or local Clover Sales and Broker team to access more kits right away)

Helpful Reminders

  • Please note your writing number for AEP is your NPN
  • Please remember to use the sales booklet provided in each enrollment kit. This is a terrific way to review Clover's Story and Value Prop with your clients.
  • Last, while Clover is excited about your passion for sales, they also want to remind agents that Sales and Compliance is a partnership to protect our members and all Medicare eligibles. Please see this letter from their Chief Compliance Officer, Wendy Richey, on the way that Clover approaches Compliance and Agent Oversight.

Clover is very excited to have you as a partner for 2019 AEP! If you have any other questions in regards to the broker portal, enrollment kits and/or other materials, please do not hesitate to reach out to MESSER's Producer Support team at 866-568-9649!