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Carrier Updates

Over the last three years, SilverScript has been the largest Part D plan sponsor serving the highest percent of Low Income members to earn a 4 Star Rating. With over 6 million members, achieving high performance and continuous improvement is the result of rigorous planning, strategic investment and flawless execution.

In 2019 Stars, SilverScript achieved significant improvement across the Part D measures and was awarded 5 Stars for Quality Improvement by CMS.

Additionally, SilverScript was distinguished with the high performance (4 stars or greater) on 7 Part D measures – earning the highest performance standard of 5 Stars on 6 of these measures.

Despite making such significant improvements following several years of high performance, SilverScript received an overall Rating of 3.5 Stars in 2019 Star Ratings due to the volatile nature of Star measure threshold cut-points. Across PDP and MAPD measures, thresholds move independently of industry performance. As a result, plans who improve at a rate consistent or higher than the industry could be penalized with lower Ratings. 

CMS has acknowledged that the methodology to assign Stars to metric performance needs to be improved upon, and has put a Technical Expert Panel in place to evaluate alternative approaches. 

Again, SilverScript achieved significant improvement in 2019 versus 2018 across 8 out of 11 Part D measures. Even though our overall Star Rating dipped due to the CMS methodology, our members are benefiting from outstanding quality improvement. SilverScript remains committed to continuous improvement and will work with CMS to develop and implement appropriate performance measurement criteria.