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Carrier Updates

In the sales kit there is a great creative piece that walks through who Clover is and what they believe. What makes Clover Health different is their commitment to customer service and solving their Members problems. How many of the prospects you serve have had issues with their health plan that they either couldn't get resolved or took a long time? Is a slight economic benefit worth the hassle of less than stelar customer service?

In this booklet are stories from Clover Health's Customers that tell their story very well. How they have gone out of their way to help them and provide them the care they deserve. Clover health tells how they will help them make their doctor appointments, get the appropriate tests, and follow up to ensure they are getting the full value from the plan.

When you go on a Clover appointment review this booklet before you ask about their doctor or what drugs they take. 

If you are using plan finder and put in their drugs, then please put in a Clover preferred pharmacy so that there is an accurate comparison of their drug costs. Clover Health partners with CVS and there should be a location near your prospect. And example of how this could affect the plan is this: Clover was disadvantaged by $300 per year on a tier 1 drug when it would have been $0 at a CVS, all because Kroger was listed as the client's pharmacy. 

Please take the extra step and put in CVS for a true comparison.

It is these simple tips that can help you tell the Clover story and tell it well. There is still time for you to make a difference.