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Carrier Updates

2019 OEP is here! Molina is very excited about their competitive positioning this year. They hope all of you have a great OEP that exceeds all of your enrollment goals, especially with Molina. Here are some of Molina's selling points that will benefit your clients:

  • Deductibles Waived
    • Molina has a unique waived deductible feature for all of their plans. Members do not need to meet their deductible for certain services!
  • Affordable Bronze Plan
    • Molina has a very affordable bronze plan. The plan includes a possible $0 premium, access to urgent care, unlimited PCP visits, and access to Tier 1 prescription drugs without meeting the deductible.
  • Wide Reaching Network
    • Molina has a mature and wide reaching network. This network is the same across all plans, so members will not run into any limited or slim networks no matter what metal tier they should choose.
  • No Charge Preventative Drugs
    • Members can access Tier 5 preventative drugs for a $0 copay.
  • HealthInHand App
    • Members can download our HealthInHand app free from the Apple and Android app stores. The app allows members to make premium payments, find and/or change providers, and shows a live feed of their deductible and out of pocket maximum amounts. 
  • X-Ray & Laboratory Services
    • Molina's silver and gold plans offer a flat copay for x-rays and standard lab tests.
  • Mail Order Pharmacy
    • Members are able to access discounted prescription drugs through their Mail Order Pharmacy.