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Carrier Updates

Anthem is off to a record start two weeks into AEP and wants to say THANK YOU! In order to make sure that your enrollments go through smoothly, they would like to remind you of a few things they are seeing when processing the applications.

Anthem understands the confusion surrounding the new Medicare Beneficiary Identifier numbers and have included this job aid to help you. Please note that carriers and CMS will continue to use both the old and new numbers until the end of 2019. You are encouraged to print out the reference sheet.

Next, the fastest and most accurate way for your applications to be processed is by using mProducer. You can attend any of the webinar training sessions, which are LIVE demonstrations, by registering at

Please make sure to verify birth date on your applications as this is another common mistake that will cause delay.

The Essentials Extras will have a Selection form that is mailed out to members in December to make their choice of benefit. Once the PDF is available, it will be emailed to you. Learn more about the Essential Extras by attending a webinar. Register at

Silver Sneakers and their College Save program is available on ALL Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans (purchased after June 2010).

Want to learn how to download member ID cards, member IDs and run various reports? Learn how to pull this information day or night! Anthem has 3 Producer Toolbox webinars set up to show the latest changes. Register at