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Carrier Updates

Aetna thanks you for your business during 2018 and wanted to remind you to recertify for your renewal payments by December 31st. 

Aetna appreciates your ongoing commitment to serving their Medicare members. They want to wish you and your families a happy and healthy holiday and look forward to growing your business together in 2019.

They would also like to remind everyone to recertify by December 31st for your renewal payments.

If you're just looking to maintain your existing book of business without selling any 2019 effective business, don't forget that you still need to complete the annual certification process by December 31st to receive renewal commissions in January.

If you recertify after December 31st, renewal commission payments to you will resume the first month after certification is complete. You will not be eligible for any missed commission payments during your lapse period. For details on requirements to receive renewal commissions, please refer to the Aetna Medicare Producer Guide

Helping your clients who qualify for an SEP - When certain events happen, your Medicare-eligible clients may qualify to change their plan outside of the AEP. These are Special Enrollment Periods (SEPs). CMS determines what events and criteria qualify for an SEP. Each one has different rules for the types of plan changes people can make. Below are a few example scenarios that would make a beneficiary eligible for an SEP:

  • A client moves out of their plan’s service area.
  • A client has (or loses) Medicaid.
  • A client qualifies for (or loses) Extra Help.
  • A client lives in an institution (like a nursing home)

When assisting your client with an SEP, make sure you correctly identify your client’s SEP on the enrollment form, in the Confirm Your Enrollment Period section. Download an educational flyer about SEPs.