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Carrier Updates

WellCare has given an update on 2019 plan materials, member portal registration issues, 2019 information on, and 1/1/2019 effective - application processing.

2019 Plan Materials

Please be advised some members have received 2019 enrollment confirmation letters but have not received other plan materials (i.e. 2019 Member ID Card and New Member Welcome Kit). WellCare is diligently working to ship both items to affected members, and materials are projected to be in-hand by 1/11.

WellCare representatives are proactively notifying members of the delay through the following initiatives:

  • Outbound calls
  • Text messages
  • Email notices
  • Etc.

When assisting your members please ensure to inform them of options to process/fill a prescription until the aforementioned materials are received:

  • Red, White and Blue Card
  • Enrollment Confirmation Letter
  • WellCare Prescription Drug Plan Codes: RXBIN (004336), RXPCN (MEDDADV), RXGRP (788257)

Member Portal Registration

It has been brought to WellCare's attention some members are experiencing technical issues when attempting to register for the Member Portal. They believe the error is related to a Safari browser/mobile device issue and are actively working to resolve it.

Please advice members experiencing this to use Google Chrome/Internet Explorer.

Please ensure users are entering their information as it appears on their member ID card during the registration process.

2019 Information on

WellCare is experiencing high call volume regarding AEP related transactions, including questions related to information that can be found on the WellCare website. They encourage you to access important information 24-7 on! This includes but is not limited to:

  • Formularies
  • Provider Directory
  • Member Out-of-Pocket Cost Calculator
  • And more! can be accessed from a smart and/or desktop device.

1/1/2019 Effectives - Application Processing

All 1/1/2019 effective applications have been processed. However, the WellCare Enrollment team is still working through applications in Request for Information (RFI) status.

They are diligently working to have all existing RFIs resolved by end of next week. They appreciate your patience and partnership as they resolve RFI issues.