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Carrier Updates

National Life Group would like to notify you of recent phishing emails falsely claiming to be from National Life Group. This is an attempt to steal your email credentials and access information about you and your clients in your inbox. If you find this email in your inbox, do not click on it or provide any credentials. Please delete it.

The subject of the email in question is [Secure] Policy Contract with the sender appearing to be [email protected] (a non-valid address).  National Life Group knows that it was sent on January 15th in the afternoon, but it may be sent again in the future. If clicked on, the email will ask you to enter your email and password to access the encrypted message, which is nothing more than an attempt to steal your credentials.  

-    Note: NLG will NEVER send emails asking you for your password.  - 

Behind the scenes, NGL have acted to remove this email from people’s in-box, before it can be opened.  However, if you have received the message above and entered your credentials, please reach out to their Service Desk immediately to have your password reset. Follow these tips to protect your cyber profile:

  • If you weren’t expecting it, reject it
  • Hover over the link without clicking to see the true path of the URL
  • If you receive an email from someone you know, but were not anticipating, reach out to the person directly to confirm that the email was from them
    • You can reach our Service Desk at (802) 229-3000
  • If the email is suspect, forward it to [email protected] for our review!

Thank you for your cooperation.