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Carrier Updates

Effective February 14, you will notice some plan adjustments in select states. Ameritas is delighted to announce that they’ve secured new state approvals, which creates efficiencies and streamlines the process for you.

Agents can download the new sales kits and begin quoting today! And don’t forget that you can request a personalized hyperlink by calling the Sales Connect Team at 855-728-7542.

Bryan and Diego have an important message for you about our updated plan designs. Hear what they have to say!

Persuasion is the heart of sales. Here are five tactics you can implement to up your game:

  1. Trust the process. Negotiation typically has three stages: 1) gather information and build trust, 2) understand and fairly minimize risk and 3) build and implement a deal. All three steps are essential.
  2. Build relationships. It’s essential to fully understand your counterpart’s challenges and expectations. Demonstrate that understanding by building a trusting partnership.
  3. Employ tactical empathy. Understand your counterpart’s needs, and address how you can support them.
  4. Be fair. Most important, be authentic about fairness. Demonstrate a commitment to fairness through your words and actions.
  5. Proactively problem-solve. Discuss what-ifs and ask questions that lead both of you to the right solution.