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Carrier Updates

Here are a few little housekeeping reminders for Envision. The first, is that all applications completed online should be completed through the broker portal.

The old enroller available on (which does NOT require a login) is still up and running, however Envision has had issues with agents not being attached to the enrollments. This requires them to go back, secure a scope of appointment to correct it. The new enroller, within the broker portal, was designed to fix this. Enivision still has agents that continue to use the old enroller, so please remember to use the broker portal to submit new business.

Secondly, if you have not yet received your 1099 please note: Envision is only generating 1099’s for agents whose total commission payout for 2018 is over $600. If you are an agent who made over $600, and did not get a 1099 please contact MESSER Financial Group's Product Support team at 866-568-9649 x813 and we will help you secure yours.

Lastly, here is a list of all the Envision websites and what each one is for.