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Carrier Updates

The Cigna Supplemental Benefits (CSB) team would like to clarify the use of agency code numbers versus personal writing agent numbers. Any agency contracted as a corporate entity will receive both an agency code number and a personal writing agent number for the principal of the agency. It is important to note that the principals' personal writing agent number will have a prefix of "SYS."

If the principal writes personal business then they should use their personal writing agent number (beginning with "SYS") on all applications whether through Express App or paper. The principal of the agency should never use the agency code number on an application. Additionally, the agency code number should never be used by any other agent associated with the agency on an application to submit business.

An agency or agent should also never allow their personal writing agent number to be used by another individual, whether that individual is licensed or not, to submit an application for insurance to us. If an application is submitted in such a way, the application will be rejected and could put the agent/agency contract at risk for termination for cause.

If you have any questions please call the MESSER Financial Group Producer Support at 866-568-9649!