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Carrier Updates

A few updates and reminders from Aetna including: OEP ends March 31st, dental options for MA/MAPD plans, hosting educational events, and resources for Living®.

 Don't forget, OEP ends March 31

Remember, you’re not allowed to advertise the 2019 Medicare Advantage (MA) Open Enrollment Period (OEP), or encourage beneficiaries to switch plans. But if an MA/MAPD client contacts you and wants to make a change, if eligible, they can.

Is dental coverage a big deal for your clients?

Did you know that most 2019 Aetna and Aetna Coventry Medicare Advantage plans (MA/MAPD) offer dental coverage? While not all plans have a dental benefit, when they do, it falls into one of the categories below. Click here to find out how the different dental benefits work.

Compliance Connection: Hosting an educational event

Educational events help inform beneficiaries about Medicare Advantage plans and other Medicare programs. If you’re putting on an educational event:

  • Don’t forget to notify your local Aetna Medicare sales team. Let us know where you’re going to show our company name or logo. (Although we don’t report educational events to CMS, we need to know when and where you’re holding them.)
  • Make sure when you or an event sponsor advertises an educational event, it’s specifically advertised as “educational;” otherwise CMS considers it a marketing/sales event.
  • You cannot have any marketing materials, enrollment forms, or plan benefit information like premiums and copay amounts, at educational events. 
  • You are allowed to provide Scope of Appointment and Permission-to-contact forms.
  • You can also distribute business cards and contact information for beneficiaries to initiate contact and schedule future appointments with you.

Help your clients get connected with Resources For Living®

Resources For Living is a program exclusively for Aetna and Aetna Coventry Medicare members. The program helps connect members and caregivers to services and resources in their community. With one phone call, members can get help:

  • Finding contractors to do some work around the house
  • Exploring senior housing, adult day care and home-delivered meal options
  • Researching caregiver support options
  • Looking up community transportation options
  • Gathering a list of activities at the local senior center
  • Finding assistance for emergency needs and more

How does it work? Members can call Resources For Living at 1-866-370-4842 (TTY: 711), Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. for all continental U.S. time zones. Learn more

Help spread the word about this program. Download a free Resources For Living flyer to share with your clients on Medicare Marketing Studio. You can download English and Spanish versions of the flyer. 

If you have any questions please call MESSER Financial Group's Producer Support at 866-568-9649 x813!