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Carrier Updates

SureBridge's new supplemental products are almost here! HospitalWise™ and the CI Wise™ Suite, which includes CancerWise® Plus and HeartWise™, will be ready for you to start selling this Friday, March 22nd.

  • HospitalWise
    • The only rider available is the Lump Sum Hospital Indemnity Rider.
    • The Fixed Indemnity Direct and Metal Gap plans will also be discontinued, in addition to Hospital Confinement Direct.
  • CancerWise Plus
    • No Wellness Rider
  • HeartWise
    • No Wellness Rider

Click here to view availability by state. 

Important Point of Sale (POS) Tool Impacts

Updates to the SureBridge Point of Sale Tool will begin around 7 p.m. CST Thursday, March 21,which could cause the system to be temporarily unavailable. Email Proposals sent prior to Friday (3/22) will not be able to “Apply” for the new application after Thursday (3/21). If the application is not started by the customer before Thursday 3/21, a new Proposal must be created.

If an applicant is interested in CancerWise, Critical Illness Direct, Fixed Indemnity Direct, Hospital Confinement Direct, or Metal Gap before they are discontinued, the application must be startedprior to 7 p.m. CST on Thursday, 3/21 and submitted within the normal 30-day window.

With the release of the new SureBridge products and new application, the following updates will be made to the POS Tool.

  • PPO Dental Basic & Premiere can now be sold together!
  • Beneficiary designation is now required (except for Dental & Vision).
  • The Product and Summary Information Form has a new requirement.

Additional Point of Sale (POS) Tool Changes

REMINDER - New feature for agents quoting/applying for their own supplemental coverage:

  • A confirmation check box has been added for the agent to indicate when the quote/application is for the agent’s own personal supplemental coverage. This is to be checked only when the application is for the agent.
  • DO NOT select this box unless the Agent is also the Primary Applicant. Misrepresentation of this field is considered fraud, and when inappropriately used, will result in corrective action.

For Indiana & Delaware Only

Business Rule & Application Fee Change for ProtectFit Plus: ProtectFit Plus can now be sold as a stand-alone product with $0 application fee; however, the appropriate application fee will be required when sold with another SureBridge supplemental product.