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Carrier Updates

WellCare has a few reminders including 2019 application submissions and a site-based marketing policy change.

2019 Application Submission

As a reminder, WellCare application versions are based on plan year and must match the effective date in which the beneficiary is enrolling. Specifically, 2019 effectives must be on the 2019 application. Incorrect versions submitted for a 2019 effective, such as the 2018 application, will not be accepted. Consequently, the beneficiary will not receive coverage until a correct application is submitted and processed.

Please download a copy of the 2019 application for your line of business:

Update - Site-Based Marketing Policy Change

As communicated in the WellCare Writes sent Friday, 3/22, CMS has updated the policy regarding permissible marketing activities at halfway houses, nursing homes, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities.

Please be advised a beneficiary’s election type does NOT affect marketing activities at these locations.

Please download the updated Site Based Marketing Tool and Event Definition Toolfor further details on these changes.