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Carrier Updates

National General has some product change updates coming up. The following changes will be available for quoting on April 17th, 2019 for April 18th, 2019 and later effective dates.

Short Term Medical

Effective April 17, 2019, new STM plans in New Mexico will have a maximum duration of 3 months and require a 12 month gap between coverage.* April 16, 2019, will be the last day to sell 12 month plans.

24 month coverage solutions are now available in many states!

Short Term Medical 12x2, 11x2 and 6x4 are now available in the following states:

  • STM 12x2 : AL, AR, FL, GA, NE, TX
  • STM 11x2 : SC
  • STM 6x4 : OK, WY

Check out the details by clicking here.

New lower rates - Virginia

Beginning with plans submitted April 17, 2019, you’ll see lower rates for Short Term Medical plans for Virginia applicants

Medicare Supplement

National General's Medicare Supplement Insurance is available for quoting now for May 1, 2019, and later effective dates in the following new states: 

  • Delaware, Florida, Indiana and Oregon 

Their Medicare Supplement plans are now available in 37 states!

Check out their bonus campaigns:

Dental Indemnity

Effective April 17, 2019, the following Dental Indemnity states will move from Time Insurance Company and be underwritten by the National Health Insurance Company: 

  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Michigan

What about pending applications? Click here.

Coverage Builder Updates

List Bill on Coverage Builder!

List Bill allows multiple people to sign up under a single payor!

With a seamless point-and-click interface, simple ACH billing, and a wide variety of supplemental products* to choose from, convenience is the name of the game!

List Billing with National General requires low minimum enrollment; just two policies! Employer contribution is not necessary, and best of all: 

Advanced commissions are available!

Click here to read the List Bill FAQ. Click here to learn how to use List Bill.

User Interface Changes

It's now easier to access your Consumer Quoting Links! National General moved them directly into the blue navigation bar for quick use. These links allow you to:

  • Provide clients with direct links to quote and apply
  • Use them on websites or in prospect emails

Links are personalized for you, with your agent number embedded. They've just simplified the process while keeping all sales under you!

Administraiton Update

Changes To Initial Payment Declinations

For all new business, starting April 17, 2019: If an initial payment is declined, members will now have 15 days from the payment submission date to contact National General with updated payment information. Once new payment information is provided, the premium will be drafted and the member can keep their original effective date.

To ensure new payment information is received, email notices will be sent to members with instructions to contact National General within 5 business days from the date of notification. If new payment information is not provided, the policy will not activate.