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Carrier Updates

 The following changes will be available for quoting on May 17, 2019, for May 18, 2019, and later effective dates. 

Updated brochures for the following changes will be available shortly after May 16th on National General's website.

Utah joins the 12 month club!

Effective May 17th, 2019, new STM plans in Utah will have a maximum duration of 12 months*! In addition, 12x2 coverage solutions will now be available and current 6x2 solutions will be automatically extended.

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How are plans being extended? Click here to learn more.

Good News - They're back in Michigan!

Effective May 17th, 2019, Short Term Medical will be available for quoting in Michigan!

Michigan will feature a 6 month duration, a $5,000 coinsurance Out-of-Pocket (OOP) maximum, Guaranteed Issue, and Association membership.

New OOP maximum - Iowa and Tennessee

Effective May 17th, 2019, Iowa and Tennessee will have a coinsurance OOP maximum of $5,000.

What about pending applications? Click here to learn more.

Their 24 month coverage solutions are available in many states!

Short Term Medical 12x2, 11x2 and 6x4 are now available in the following states:

  • STM 12x2: AL, AR, FL, GA, NE, TX, UT
  • STM 11x2: SC
  • STM 6x4: OK, WY

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*Maximum plan duration is 364 days.

Coming Soon

National General is always working to improve their systems and processes. A few things to look for in the near future:

  • New List Bill Portal - Streamlined account administration for List Bill Account Holders.
  • New List Bill Online Application Process - for on-boarding new groups.
  • New Policy Admin System - Improving the way National General bills and communicates with members.