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Carrier Updates

In September of 2019, The Capitol Life Insurance Company, a member of the Liberty Bankers Insurance Group, launched its new Medicare Supplement plans.  With competitive rates and "On-the-Spot" underwriting, Capitol Life has been experiencing rapid growth.

For this reason, Liberty Bankers has made the decision to discontinue acceptance of new business applications for Liberty Bankers Life Medicare Supplement product, effective April 28, 2020.

Liberty Bankers Life will focus efforts and resources toward The Capitol Life Medicare Supplement program, while continuing to provide excellent service to existing policyholders.  This decision does not impact current policyholders, and they will continue to recieve the highest level of customer service.

On behalf of Liberty Bankers Life, we apprecaite your hard work and support, and would like to extend an invitation to you to continue to sell, through The Capitol Life program.  For information on rates, state availability, incentive programs and to become contracted, please contact Messer Financial Group today at 866-568-9649 or CLICK HERE to get contracted.


Applications signed on or before 4/28/2020, with policy effective dates on or before 4/28/2020, and received by 4/30/2020 will be accepted.  In the event an application is received and found to have pending requirements, all pending requirements must be received by 5/08/2020 in order to complete an underwriting decision.  Incomplete applications as of 5/11/2020 will be withdrawn.

Applications received and issued after April 24th, 2020 will be paid As Earned.  Commisisons will continue to pay as earned for all previously issued business.

Effective 4/28/2020, all sales materials and sources will be disabled.

Your statement appointment to sell Liberty Bankers Life Medicare Supplement plans will not be renewed.  You will receive a copy of your termination letter, not for cause, when your stateweid appointment comes up for renewal.