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Carrier Updates

Updates to Humana's Enrollment Hub System took place on 8/28 and 9/3.

View the list of updates below: 

  • Medicare Supplement:
    • The following states are live within eHub; AK / AL / CT / DC / FL / ID / MN / NH / NY / OK / SD / WV
    • Remaining states will continue to have the link out to FastApp
    • Cross-sale capability is now available for our IDV & PDP Plans
  • Integration of Beneficiary Eligibility Query (BEQ):
    • Medicare eligibility verification previously provided by Wipro has now been replaced with BEQ API
    • Medicare eligibility verification will take place ONLY in connected mode upon plan selection. (Important Note: Disclaimer must be read to the prospective member.  Acknowledgment will be required and tracked with the enrollment application.) 
    • Data returned from the eligibility service will update member details where applicable and auto-populate required information within the enrollment application (ex. Residential address, Mailing address, etc.)
    • Agents will have the ability to view additional eligibility data via the log details within the enrollment application card
  • Member Care Assessment:
    • You can now link out to complete this from the Menu
  • Digital Marketing Materials:
    • You can now link out to complete this from the Menu & Agent Toolbox on the Learn & Shop Page
  • Enrollment form updates:
    • SEP CHR now available for CarePlus
  • Pharmacy Workflow Enhancements:
    • An agent can easily transition to our Learn & Shop Page after selecting “Enroll Now” in the Pharmacy Calc Tool
  • Incident Resolutions:
    • Agent log in issue for those that have updated or newly registered via www.humana.com
    • Now able to complete multiple applications without having an issue with the wrong consumer data auto-populating
    • Enrollment applications will no longer be overwritten while in disconnected mode
    • Telephonic signature cross sale option not working in disconnected mode
    • Static Header misaligned/unavailable for Internet Explorer
      Gender not auto-populating from the Learn and Shop into the enrollment form

Please review updated training material within the MarketPOINT University to help familiarize yourself with recent updates to Humana's sales tool.

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