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Carrier Updates

The Marketplace is experiencing periodic issues. When trying to log in to the Marketplace, you may receive a “Downstream Error” message that will force you to try again. This is not

an Assurant Health issue.

Marketplace usernames with special characters

Until further notice, if you’re entering a Marketplace username that contains special characters (e.g., &, ., @ or *) during the direct enrollment process, please:

  1. Key the username in a word processing program
    (e.g., Microsoft Word)
  2. Copy and paste it into the Marketplace Username field

A fix is expected next week that will allow you to key the username directly into the Marketplace Username field.

Cost-sharing reduction plans

The direct enrollment process currently displays only cost-sharing reduction plans for customers who qualify for them. We’ll notify you when an update is complete that allows you to view and select from all plans for these customers. In the meantime, if these customers want to select from other plans, they may go directly to the Marketplace to apply.

If interested in contracting with Assurant, please click here.