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Carrier Updates

The SBLI Underwriting department is pleased to announce some exciting new changes to our Field Underwriting Guide. These updates reflect competitive changes to our age and amount requirements, as well as

enhancements to our Financial Underwriting Guide. The changes, effective August 15, 2014, include:

Age and Amount Requirement Changes:

  • Elimination of medical exams at all ages
  • Elimination of all resting EKGs through age 40
  • Elimination of all treadmill EKGs through age 70 for amounts up to and including $10,000,000

Financial Guideline Changes:

  • Enhanced income replacement
    multiplier and expanded age brackets
    • Ages 51-60: Expanded to 15 X income
    • Ages 66-70: Expanded to 7 X income
  • Elimination of Inspection Reports at lower face amounts
    • Personal Income $5,000,000 and over
    • Business Coverage $3,000,000 and over
    • Ages 70+ $1,000,000 and over

In addition to the aforementioned changes, we are pleased to introduce a new member to our underwriting team to assist with your SBLI business, including more complex financial cases.

Carolyn McAvinn, Director of Financial Underwriting, joined SBLI in April. Carolyn brings many years of experience, having supported multiple distribution channels for several life insurance carriers. She is well-versed in the unique challenges of the competitive brokerage market, and is familiar with high net worth markets and more complex financial case design. Her presence will help us advance our goal of increasing higher death benefit and whole life sales. Therefore, her responsibilities will include handling all cases $5,000,000 and higher.

Don’t be surprised if you get a call from Carolyn - she is anxious to help make the underwriting process as quick and painless as possible.

Carolyn is also assisting us in the creation of our redesigned SBLI Financial Supplement. We will be sending that to you soon.

We thank you for your feedback and continued partnership. Just as we are committed to providing safe, low-cost life insurance to our customers, we are also dedicated to exploring additional opportunities to help you grow your business.