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Rebranding Update 

As we have recently communicated to you, ING U.S. is undertaking a multi-phase rebranding effort this year.  Our goal is to make this a smooth and successful transition, and

to keep you updated every step of the way.  At this stage, we’d like to share the latest information regarding our rebranding timeline and plans: 


  • On April 7, 2014, we announced an important milestone – our ING U.S., Inc. publicly traded parent company changed its name to Voya Financial, Inc. (NYSE: VOYA).  As a result, Voya Financial will now appear in place of ING in our corporate materials, such as company press releases and investor relations resources.
  • The next milestone is on May 1, 2014, when ING U.S. Investment Management rebrands to Voya Investment Management.  The Employee Benefits business will also begin to transition to Voya Financial, and expects to complete its transition by September.  In preparation for this phase of the rebranding, we notified certain clients and customers last month about the upcoming renaming of the ING Funds, reinforcing that rebranding will not cause anything else about the funds (such as their investment objective) to change.
  • Rebranding will be complete on September 1, 2014, when our remaining operating businesses including the balance of ING U.S. Insurance Solutions and our legal entities using the ING or Lion name change to Voya.  Until our next update, the following details may be useful for answering any questions you have.

What will our new name be?

The ING U.S. business comprises a number of legal entities, including the ING U.S., Inc. parent corporation and several operating subsidiaries through which much of the company’s business is conducted.  Below are those entities with which you may be most familiar, along with their new names as of September 1.

Current Company Chart

What will change?

All references to ING will change. This includes the current name and logo that appear on materials, websites, building signage, email conventions and all other places where it exists.

  • References to ING, both in copy and logos, will change to Voya. It may take a few months before we complete the rebranding so you may continue to see both ING and Voya through year end.
  • Employee emails will change to [email protected], but ING emails will continue to be redirected to the new addresses through most of 2015.
  • Web site URLs will generally replace ING with Voya, but ING URL addresses will continue to be active through most of 2015.

Is there a need to amend any contracts?

No, the name change does not require amendments to contracts. All existing customer accounts, policies, contracts and servicing agreements, including all servicing levels, will not change due to the rebrand.  The conditions and provisions of your contract, policy and/or certificate remain unchanged. If needed, you’ll receive an endorsement to keep with your contract that will document the name change. In addition, our tax identification number and bank account numbers and routing information remains the same.

What do IFP Advisors need to do?

ING Financial Partners, along with other ING branded broker dealers, will change their legal entity names on September 1.  At that point, affiliated advisors can begin using new business cards and signage. Closer to mid-year, we will deliver a comprehensive rebranding communications that will include instructions to ensure the rebranding is executed smoothly. No repapering will be required as a result of the name change.

How will we let your participants/customers know what’s happening?

Through the second and third quarters of 2014 we will be leveraging existing communication channels to ensure individuals are aware that ING is rebranding to Voya Financial. Plans include call center messaging, web communications, statement inserts, and updates in client communications such as newsletters. The general message will remain consistent – ING U.S. is becoming Voya Financial, there is nothing they need to do, and even though our name is changing our commitment to delivering quality services and solutions remains the same.

Why did we choose Voya Financial? What does the name mean?

Voya is an abstract name coined from the word ‘voyage’. The name reflects momentum and optimism. It reminds us that a secure financial future is more than just reaching a destination; it’s about a journey to financial empowerment, and having positive experiences along the way.

Will we keep the Orange Money commercials?

Yes, we will be leveraging the Orange Money creative campaign to help bridge the transition to our new brand. The concept underscores the importance of carefully managing one’s retirement dollars while supporting Voya Financial’s commitment to advancing retirement readiness. Television and digital advertising now includes a tag line signaling that ING U.S. is becoming Voya Financial.

Because our name change will take place in phases, you may see both ING U.S. and Voya at times throughout 2014. Even though our name and logo will be different, the vision we have to be America’s Retirement Company and the commitment we have to advance and protect our clients’ retirement readiness remains the same. The new brand will support our mission to make a secure financial future possible – one person, one family, and one institution at a time.


Click here for the press release announcing the debut of Voya Financial, Inc.