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Carrier Updates

New Annuity Application and Financial Needs Analysis

The EquiTrust Annuity Application and Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) forms have been revised and improved.

The new application (dated 5-13) and FNA (dated 1-14) forms are

available now on the EquiTrust website, and are included in form packets produced on AppBuilder. The new versions may be used now; the new and old versions of both forms will be accepted until April 1. After April 1 the old versions will not be accepted. Replace printed application packets at your earliest convenience.

Why the changes? Since our last modification to the Application in 2006, we've observed areas of recurring errors. The improvements are intended to enhance the simplicity of these forms and minimize processing delays.

Improvements to the Application include:
     • Agent signature is now required only once
     • More flexibility to include beneficiary information
     • Clearer questions regarding replacements

Improvements to the FNA form include:
     • Improved form layout for improved readability
     • Removed section for client initials on page 1
     • Question-sequence reordered for improved flow

To build a new app packet which includes the new Application and FNA, 
click here.