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Carrier Updates

Season's greeting's from your Carolinas CoventryOne sales team.   As we navigate through all of the changes during this first month of the annual enrollment period, we wanted to take a

moment and provide you with some helpful tips to help you achieve more success in 2014.

We have received a number of Coventry Exchange questions during our first successful month of the 2014 annual enrollment period.  Below are some Q & A's to help guide you.


•  Question:  Where can my clients confirm Coventry has received their 2014 marketplace enrollment?

Answer: Your clients may contact our On-Exchange customer service line at 855-449-2889.  Brokers are welcome to contact this number as well. 


•  Question: How can a broker confirm they are listed on an enrollment received by Coventry?

Answer: Brokers may contact our Sales Support department at888-440-5277 to find out if they are listed as the broker on any enrollment received. 

•  Question: My client needs to make their initial binder payment after submitting their enrollment through  Where and how can they accomplish this?

Answer:  For your convenience, your clients can go to 

Or your clients can go to to make their initial binder payment.  Using their Application ID, they will need to establish an account to perform this.  In addition, they should wait 48 hours from app submission to ensure their records reach us. 

•  Question: Does CoventryOne offer cost share variations to the silver plan offered on-exchange? 

Answer: For ever silver plan offered there must be three variations for consumers who fall between 100 - 250% FPL.  Click Here for the variation plan grids for CoventryOne

NC Silver Variations  NC Silver cost Share Variations

SC Silver Variations  SC Silver Cost Share Variations

•  Question: Where can I find information relating to the formulary offered in 2014?

Answer: You can locate the 2014 CoventryOne online prescription formulary by the link below.   Also Attached is a PDF of the Formulary as well.


CoventryOne Prescription Drug Program 2014

• Question:  How can my clients verify their doctors participate in the CoventryOne  networks offered in NC & SC?

Answer: Brokers and members can search for a provider using the following links:


•  NC Provider Search =

•  SC Provider Search =

TOP 3 Selling Coventry Exchange Plans by network in the Carolinas:

•  North Carolina

•  Carolinas Health Care Systems

     1. Silver $10 Copay Carolinas Health Care System

     2. Bronze $15 Copay Carolinas Health Care System

     3. Gold $0 Copay Carolinas Health Care System

•  Duke Medicine

     1. Silver $10 Copay Duke Medicine

     2. Bronze $15 Copay Duke Medicine

     3. Gold $0 Copay Duke Medicine

•  CaroMont

     1. Silver  $10 Copay CaroMont

     2. Bronze $15 Copay CaroMont

     3. Gold $0 Copay CaroMont


•  Cornerstone

     1. Silver $10 Copay Cornerstone

     2. Bronze $15 Copay Cornerstone

     3. Bronze 100% HMO HSA Eligible Cornerstone

•  South Carolina


•  Midlands

     1.  Silver $10 Copay Midlands

     2.  Gold $0 Copay Midlands

     3.  Bronze $15 Copay Midlands


• Upstate

     1. Silver $10 Copay Upstate

     2. Gold $0 Copay Upstate

     3. Bronze $15 Copay Upstate