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Carrier Updates

Payment process for new customers and 834 reports

1)      Agents should be receiving daily 834 emails.

2)      New agents appointed after 12/1/13, will just begin receiving the 834 reports this week.

3)      The body

of those 834 emails explains how to read the attached 834 spreadsheet columns. Payment info is included, what the customer owes and what has been received, if received, but does NOT include payment by bank draft or credit card via payment redirect.


4)      We hope to be adding payment info by bank draft or redirect soon but we aren’t there yet.

5)      Otherwise, if Column AP is blank, we have not processed a payment yet for that member. Please keep in mind finance needs some lag time to receive the check and process it, then will show up on that report.

6)      We released the blank payment voucher that you and your agents can also provide to the member. The amount they owe is again on the 834. You can use this when you enroll customers and also if they say they aren’t receiving the paper bills we have mailed.

7)      We have put in the mail today another mailing of all 1/1 enrollments that have not yet paid and who did not logon through payment redirect and provide us with an email address and password. Those payment redirect customers that provided an email address to us will receive an email reminding them of payment due, not a paper bill. You can also provide the blank payment voucher to those customers and again the 834 shows their amount due as well.

8)      There is no pay by phone option for new customers to BCBSNC.

9)      I have attached the 1/1 effective date voucher for your convenience, again for new customers only.

10)   New customers have to pay before we can enroll them. Once payment is received, then at that time the customer goes into the line-up to be enrolled. There is some lag time there as well.

Id Cards

11)   I trust you all saw the communication on id cards and hoping for all whom have paid in to have them by the 10th. I will let you know more as I learn more.

12)   Non-exchange customers –you can print temp id cards off your dashboard for those that are enrolled.


13)   Please remember that BCBSNC cannot make any changes at all to a 834 enrollment file. Even if it is agent error or if it as simple as a name mis-spelled. You have to go back to for the correction and they will resend us a corrected file. No need to call the ACC – they cannot make any changes.