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Carrier Updates

*** URGENT *** Update from Molina Healthcare Binder Payment for Policies Effective February 1, 2016 has been extended to February 15, 2016!  

We want to make sure that everyone receives the coverage they are expecting and you can help play a big role! Enrolling in a Marketplace plan is only the first step in obtaining coverage. The second and equally important step is the member must pay their full binder payment in order to effectuate their coverage. You have done 95% of the work getting them to enroll, please complete the process by encouraging your clients to make a binder payment. Molina is sending invoices out to each of our enrolled members when we receive their record on the membership file transmitted by CMS.

Our experience has shown that effectuation rates increase when members are assisted by their agents to make their binder payments. The payment cut-off date for a February 1st effective is February15, 2016.

 Their are methods that your client can use in order to make their premium payments:

  • – If you enrolled your client via and they did not make their binder payment at the time of enrollment, please follow-up with them and encourage them to make their binder payment and sign up for auto-pay by clicking on the "Pay For Health Plan" button.