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Carrier Updates


As announced last week, UHC Agents should be able to start certifying for the 2017 plan year beginning next Monday, June 27.

A few key points are covered below:

  • Every time you launch a test an attempt is counted, whether you complete the test or not.  If your computer crashes or you lose your internet connection while in the middle of the test for example, it would count as an attempt.  Be sure you have the right equipment, connection, and be sure to schedule uninterrupted time in order to complete the entire assessment without losing an attempt. 
  • We strongly suggest reaching out to your upline or us, if you fail a test more than one time.  We can assist in reviewing that module.
  • If you are completing the AHIP test this year, you need to “transmit” the results before launching any other module in our learning center. Also if you want to receive the AHIP credit offer by UHC you will need to launch the AHIP site from our portal.
  • We strongly suggest that you complete the modules for all products, even if you are not planning on selling a particular plan at this time.
  • UHC does not require a “Face-to-Face” certification class, you only need to complete the online modules.

Helpful Information:

Producers Help Desk (888) 381-8581 or [email protected]