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Carrier Updates

UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solutions is proud to be a strong, stable health insurance choice for agents around the country. UnitedHealthcare is amending its Medicare Solutions agent/agency contracts to reflect the following: 


  • Expanded opportunity in Florida's Broward County! Medica Medicare Max H5420-003 in Broward County will be commissionable starting with January 1, 2017 effectives.
  • A number of plans will be moving to non-commissionable status starting with October 1, 2016 application sign dates. Please refer to the amendment for details.
  • The addition of paragraph 6.1(b) requires a third party who receives a subpoena requesting UnitedHealthcare proprietary and confidential information to notify UnitedHealthcare of the subpoena and work with us to protect the information to the extent possible.
  • The notice provision has changed, allowing UnitedHealthcare to give notice to agents by email. Please see the amendment for detail.