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Molina Has Extended Binder Payment for January 1, 2017 Effective Date Until January 15, 2017!

Molina wants to make sure that everyone receives the coverage they are expecting and you can help play a big role! Enrolling in a Marketplace plan is only the first step in obtaining coverage. The second and equally important step is the member must pay their full binder payment in order to effectuate coverage for January 1, 2017. You have done 95% of the work getting them to enroll please complete the process by encouraging your clients to make a binder payment. 

Our experience has shown that effectuation rates increase when members are assisted by their agents to make their binder payments. Let your clients know that Molina Has Extended Binder Payments for January 1, 2017 Effective Date Until January 15, 2017!

Molina Premium Payment Department Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM EST

Saturday – 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM EST

Please be aware of the state specific phone numbers:

California • (888) 858-2150
Florida • (888) 560-5716
Michigan • (888) 560-4087
New Mexico • (888) 295-7651
Ohio • (888) 296-7677
Texas • (888) 560-2025
Utah • (888) 858-3973
Washington • (888) 858-3492
Wisconsin • (888) 560-2043
Brokers are encouraged to use to process payments. Once at the website, select the option to Pay Online as a Guest. This is the fastest way to pay. 

Thank you for your efforts to renew your existing book of business and enroll your new clients into  Molina's Marketplace Products.