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Congratulations on a great year – it's time to enjoy your success! But, wait – there is one more thing you should be thinking about — what will happen with your

ACA Software? There are three different options we can offer you:
  1. LOCK– Maintains your current active subscription while locking in your current rate of $50/month. This option will allow you to enroll Special Election Period (SEP) business from February 16 until the next AEP starts on October 15, 2015.
  2. DORMANT – This option will prohibit you from submitting SEP business through the software, but it will allow you to maintain your existing account for $25/month through the Lock-In period (March – September). If you choose this option, you’ll also lock in your current rate that you are paying for the next AEP ($50/month) AND you may continue to use your current account for quoting and housing your clients data.
  3. CANCEL – By clicking the Cancel button below, your account will be deleted and you will no longer be charged.

Some things to consider as you decide:

  • An active subscription locks your rate for 2016; prices will go up to $75 a month with a $50 set up fee in 2016. Don’t be stuck paying a higher price – LOCK IN your rate now!
  • Keeping your software comes with continued benefits of CRM data housing! Should you cancel, you will lose all your existing data on entered clients unless you perform a data export. If you do decide to cancel, please see the export directions below and make sure you get your data before you cancel!
  • By keeping your software, you can easily re-enroll your clients next year! Because the ACA Cloud stores all your client’s information, you will not have to retype everything next year. Renewals made simple and efficient!

Don’t get stuck paying a higher rate for software you're going to need for the next Open Enrollment! Click "Lock In" below to keep your software; you will receive a confirmation email shortly. Should you choose to cancel, you will also receive a confirmation of cancellation and your billing will be terminated the same-day. Have questions? Call us at 866-568-9649 x 740!

TO EXPORT YOUR DATA: Login to your cloud, and click Enrollments on the left hand side. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the button labeled EXPORT- this will generate a .csv file (Excel) with all your client’s data.