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Agent and Broker Registration with CMS Required to Sell SHOP Plans

An FAQ posted to the RegTap website[1] has confirmed that agents and brokers selling Tennessee Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) plans

with 2014 effective dates are required to register with the Federally-facilitated SHOP (FF-SHOP). They are also required to sign an agreement with the FF-SHOP. From the RegTap website, FAQ 996:



 For SHOP plan years beginning in 2014, does CMS expect agents and brokers selling SHOP plans to be registered  with and sign the FF-SHOP Marketplace agreement or is it sufficient for the agent/broker to be appointed with the Issuer?


Yes, CMS expects agents and brokers selling SHOP plans to register with and sign the FF-SHOP Marketplace agreement. Agents and brokers assisting with SHOP enrollments must agree to the privacy and security standards of SHOP.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is responsible for the registration process, and information may be found at CMS’s agent and broker resource website. The slide deck entitled, “Participating in the Federally-facilitated Marketplaces” provides an overview of the registration process. 

Issuers like BlueCross will not be able to access the agent and broker registration materials. Only licensed producers can participate in this process.

SHOP Registration Process

Unlike registering to assist individuals enrolling on the Individual Marketplace[2], registering for SHOP requires that only a portion of Part I of the registration process be completed.

  • Required: Register on the Medicare Learning Network (MLN)
  • Recommended: Affordable Care Act and Marketplace Basics and SHOP courses, including exams; estimated completion time for both courses is 3.5 hours
  • Required: Read and accept FF-SHOP agreement



Part II of the registration process is not required to complete SHOP registration.

 Send Information to BlueCross


Once registration has been completed, agents and brokers should send the following information to the [email protected] general mailbox:

  1. National Producer Number (NPN), and
  2. SHOP Training Completion Certification


In addition to registering with the FF-SHOP, agents and brokers will have to be appointed with BlueCross in order to receive a commission for selling a SHOP plan.

[1] RegTap is a CMS website dedicated to technical assistance and training related to the Marketplace. CMS periodically distributes information and holds webinars directed at the agent/broker community.  Registration is required and only takes a few minutes to complete.


[2] For information about registering to sell individual policies on the Marketplace, please refer to the Sep. 9, 2013 Health Care Reform Update available on BlueAccess.