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Health Care Reform

COVENTRYONE – is integrated with

Now our broker portal,, is integrated with, and is a viable pathway to the government's website, and another method for you to

submit On Exchange applications.

Some things you need to know:

  1. You must have an active broker portal with us.
  2. Your CoventryOne broker portal must have connectivity to the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) or
  3. Connectivity has been initialized on all CoventryOne agent portals if we were provided with your FFM ID and NPN number.
  4. To find out if you have connectivity via your broker portal you need to login to your portal. Then click Start Proposal. You will see a link Check for cost savings if you have connectivity. After you populate the fields to run a quote you will see a check mark next toHealth Exchange Insurance (Cost savings eligible). This also indicates that you have connectivity.  
  5. If you do not have any of these indicators you may not have provided us with your FFM ID, or may have changed it since you first submitted it to us. You will need to contact us so that we may assist you in obtaining connectivity.  


IMPORTANT guidance when using your CoventryOne agent portal to submit On Exchange applications.

Attached is a user guide for your convenience which will assist in getting you up to speed on the new tool for broker use.

If you do not see your broker ID pre-populated when you go to the FFM, you are outside the direct enrollment pathway of your CoventryOne portal. Close all browsers and start again. You can always tell that you are outside the Coventry pathway if you do not see the Return to issuer website button on the top left of the screen. 

Contact your appropriate Inside Sales Representative below or Broker Sales Support for questions or help. 

Read complete PDF!