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Health Care Reform

CMS has released a 79 page PDF of the webinars that were presented July and August 2016.

This presentation summarizes current policy and operations as of the date it was presented. Links to certain source documents have been provided for your reference. We encourage audience members to refer to the applicable statutes, regulations, and other interpretive materials for complete and current information about the requirements that apply to them.

This webinar applies to agents and brokers in states with a State-based Marketplace that uses the federal platform (i.e., for eligibility and enrollment functions, known as State-based Marketplaces on the federal platform, or SBM-FPs. The information presented does not apply to agents and brokers who participate in the State-based Marketplaces that do not use the federal platform. Please review the guidance on our Agents and Brokers Resources webpage ( and to learn more. 

This document is Registration and Training for Agents and Brokers who are new to the FFM's.

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