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Life Insurance

National Life is making changes to their product lineup that will offer even more life insurance protection opportunities to suit your client’s coverage needs.

Launching May 1, 2021

*NEW* universal life updates will enable increased premium funding limits for your clients!

All IUL and UL products will see an increase in premium funding limits as a result of the section 7702 tax code interest rate changes that went into effect at the beginning of the year.

What does this mean for my client?
Under the new 7702 rules, clients with an interest in cash accumulation potential can benefit from increased funding opportunities beginning May 1, 2021.

Your clients’ coverage is as important as always, don’t leave them underinsured. With the new 7702-adjusted enhancements, make sure they still have the protection they need today and the cash value that fits their retirement future.

For more details on the changes under IRC Section 7702 and their impact, please visit the FAQ Sheet.

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Launching May 1, 2021: National Life’s SurvivorLife Indexed Universal Life

National Life is adding a new survivorship IUL to its product lineup! Offering death benefit protection to two policyholders, SurvivorLife IUL captures all the greatest benefits of our IULs while providing versatile coverage to fit your clients’ diverse needs.SurvivorLife can give your clients optimal solutions for:

  • Coverage for two people under one single policy
  • Leaving a legacy with estate planning
  • Business owners or family members with insurable interests
  • Mortgage protection
  • Tax-free retirement income potential with the Lifetime Income Benefit Rider

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