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Life Insurance

National Life is making changes to their product lineup starting that will offer even more life insurance protection opportunities to suit your clients' coverage needs. The changes will take place starting on May 1st.

Hear from Stephanie Burmeister and Morgan Gold about product changes taking place on May 1st as a result of new life insurance provisions under Section 7702.

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How do the 7702 product adjustments impact your clients?

Clients with an interest in cash accumulation potential can benefit from the increased funding opportunities under the new 7702 rules. If you use the minimum death benefit/maximum cash value solve to help your clients generate retirement income potential, tune in to Brittany Russo and Morgan Gold’s conversation and learn how to add value without decreasing their protection.

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Help your clients solve for the right amount of death benefit protection by following this Death Benefit Chart as a guide.

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For more details on the changes under IRC Section 7702 and their impact, please view the Frequently Asked Questions flyer.

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